Celebrate Christmas by Giving Gifts from Poppi Italian Leather

Celebrate Christmas with Gifts from Poppi Italian Leather

Celebrate Christmas by giving gifts from Poppi Italian Leather. This is Poppi wishing you a glorious first week of December. We have just gotten our first major “snowfall” inspiring endless mugs of cioccolata calda (hot chocolate).  It seems like a good time to walk in the fresh fallen snow to enjoy the holiday lights.

Since we are nearing the holidays and Christmas will soon be here, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from http://poppiitalianleather.com Especially relevant, all our items are “made in Italy”.  Dedicated to artisans who for centuries have honed their talents in the art of craftsmanship.

Celebrate Christmas with Murano Glass Jewelry

I love the Murano Jewelry.  Most noteworthy, our pieces are individually made with hand blown beads.  The jewelry will stun you with its exquisite beauty and depth of jewel -toned colors. These are truly statement pieces.  Check out our multi-colored Murano Glass Necklace made with 15 lamp-worked beads, 100% nickel-free. There are so many pieces of artisanal jewel, such as the stunning lamp-worked earrings with tiny Swarovski crystals nestled between the glass beads.

Murano Glass Necklace
Stunning Murano Glass Necklace   https://poppiitalianleather.com/jewelry.html


Murano Crystal Whiskey Glass
Murano Crystal Whiskey Glass

For those who have friends or family who love to entertain consider our collection of Murano Glass. Such as the wine, champagne or beverage glasses. Murano is internationally celebrated for producing the finest quality handmade and hand painted glassware for over 500 years. Our portfolio is expansive. It includes Murano Crystal vases, bowls, candle holders and other items.  Hence, each piece is a celebration of art and design and would surely make a great gift! https://poppiitalianleather.com/murano-glass.html

Celebrate Christmas Give a Gift from to Friends and Relatives!

Have anyone who is hard to shop for? You are not alone!  We suggest apparel for these folks……..who doesn’t like receiving new clothes. Poppi offers a classic portfolio of beautiful and sophisticated Italian clothing for all types.  Whether it’s a new holiday dress, pants, knits or ponchos from Bruno Carlo. These Italian garments urge the wearer to live large “viva la vita”!


Italian Poncho
Poncho with hood
Bruno Carlo Cape
Cape by Bruno Carlo

Traveling Home for the Holidays?

If you’re traveling home for the holidays, carry the ultimate in Italian leather. Poppi is proud to make available a selection of the finest Italian leather bags.

We have an extensive line of messenger bags, cross body bags and backpacks. And all are designed for make your travels easier. In a world geared toward the “mass-produced” Poppi is proud to make available a selection of genuine hand crafted leather goods. https://poppiitalianleather.com/briefcases.html

Laptop Briefcase
Messenger Style Laptop Briefcase
In conclusion, here are a few of our favorite things…..

Murano Glass Necklace & Earrings

Murano Glassware

Bruno Carlo Poncho

Organic Tanned Messenger Bag

Or browse through Poppi’s Website yourself…….

As always, we stay committed to quality and provided the best customer service.

Ci Vediamo,