Unique Fashion Feature: Ripani Bags

POPPI Italian Leather has partnered with artisan brands working in Tuscany, Milan, Rome, and other high fashion areas of Italy for almost ten years to supply a collection of quality, unique leather bags and Italian apparel. Our selection of unique fashion from iconic Italian brands offers everything from handmade one-of-a-kind items to runway-ready pieces. When you shop with POPPI, you are supporting the centuries old tradition of veg-tan leather artistry and the classic elegance of Italian fashion.


One of our partnerships for unique fashion leather bags is with Ripani, a brand working out of a new, technologically advanced modern facility located in the coastal city of Tortoreto Lido in the Abruzzo region of Italy, about 100 miles outside of Rome. Today, Ripani creates high fashion bags featured on the runway, as costume pieces in films, and in fashion magazines worldwide.


The Ripani brand was founded in 1967 as a family-owned leather bag manufacturer. From 1994 to today, the current generation worked to put Ripani on the fashion map as a quality, innovative Italian brand. Their current, state-of-the-art factory opened many doors for Ripani to solidify and expand their status as a high fashion maker.


With POPPI Italian Leather, you can find unique fashion Ripani pieces including leather bags made with the ancient veg-tan leather process. Our Ripani bag collection offers many choices including several distinct handbags in various colors, sizes, and styles.

Some Classic Ripani Choices

Ripani Soft Pebbled bag

  • Soft Pebbled Italian Leather Bag: This bag gives a look of sophistication and edge, with an exotic printed detachable strap, a top handle, and small feet to keep it off the ground. This bag is offered in a beautiful deep brick color or a classic black.


  • Italian Leather Bag with Animalier Print: This bag has a pairing of silver-toned hardware and bright blue leather for a daring, trendy look. Its crocodile texturing is an icon of avant-garde craftsmanship, and it offers practical storage and ease of carry.

Ripani Safiano Bag

  • Saffiano Italian Leather Shoulder Bag: This trim, sleek shoulder bag is available in an elegant emerald green, bold yellow, scarlet red, or classy, timeless black. It’s made with Saffiano leather that features a faint cross-hatching texture. The clean lines of this bag pair with any outfit, and its hardware is made with a silvery-gold alloy.


  • Textured Italian Bag with Side Pockets: This all-purpose handbag has two large side pockets and a fob detail that offers practical use and a unique style. It’s offered in a biscotto brown, black, creamy red, and a specialty green. Its gold-toned hardware, adjustable straps, and roomy interior make it a perfect choice for on-the-go fashion.


Our partnership with Ripani gives our customers access to the quality and unique fashion of the Made in Italy brand. Shop online today to find more bags and other items, or visit our store in Rochester, MN. Contact POPPI Italian leather at (507) 282-3088 or poppibags@gmail.com for more information.