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Poppi Italian Leather


In the heart of the fascinating Tuscan Landscape, a tradition still survives: the noble art of veg-tanning. The process is based on the use of tannin, an active ingredient responsible for the transformation of the hide into a compact and resistant leather that will prove durable throughout the years. Raw hides become veg-tanned leather thanks to master tanners who follow a slow productive process, respectful of man and the environment. These natural tannin extracts make the tanned leather unique, recognizable, and easily distinguishable from chemically tanned leather.

Because each “skin” is unique in the way it stretches, shrinks, and absorbs color, each finished bag is distinct in its hue, tonality, and texture. It is a time-consuming process that takes up to 40 days and cannot be mass-produced. The scent of the veg-tan leather is something inimitable and embracing. These bags are not for the soulless or uninspired!

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Semi Annually we attend major Italian Leather Bag shows throughout Italy to deal directly with the leather crafters and painstakingly handpick each and every bag. All of our Italian leather bags are made to order in limited quantities. No Mass Production and No Middleman. What this means is unique, beautiful, superior quality Italian leather bags found only in the world’s highest-end boutiques now available for you.

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Poppi Italian Leather began during a 14 day trip through Italy that started in Rome, traveling north along the Cinque Terra on the Mediterranean Sea, to Milan, Venice, Florence, and winding through the Tuscan wine region. Along the way we discovered the rich ‘old world’ culture of the Italian countryside where family traditions like wine making and leather crafting take you back in time. This is where the Italian leather artisans have been hand making the world’s absolute best leather products for generations. Combining excellence in craftsmanship with elegant and logical design Italian leather is a time honored art cherished for centuries by the world’s elite.




Established in 1920, Gianni Conti is a family owned business led by Elio and David Contigiani. Their philosophy is to produce superior-quality leather bags with a classic and stylish beauty for the global market.

GIUDI Pelletterie

Located in Morrovalle, Central Italy, and famous for their traditional leather processing, Giudi was founded in 1974 by two cousins, Mario and Adriano, whose families are leather craftsmen. Today Giudi Products are certified by the “VERA PELLE ITALIANA.” With quality and vision, they continue to produce trendy and elegant contemporary bags.


Innue is an established design group located around the countryside of Naples. All designs are conceived and produced in local facilities. Their philosophy is pursuing a global market with an expression that is the right mix of tradition and modernity.


For 49 years, Ripani has designed, produced, and signed bags from the most exclusive and fashionable material. Founded in 1967, the family run business has led with the passion of leather craftsmanship, prestige of its brand, and originality of its creations. The company is located in Tortoreto, an ancient town on the Adriatic Coast.


Simone and his father Carlo are located in the heart of Florence. They have been supplying us with their bags that are produced in small leather factories around the Florence countryside since 2006. They cater to a smaller market, offering high quality bags with a sensibility geared toward the classic look, mixing it up yearly with a youthful and trendy vibe.