The Beautiful Story About Venetian Murano Crystal

Murano Crystal is Stunning Art Glass

Ciao Poppi followers! First of all, we are here to tell you about the breathtaking Murano Crystal. The month of July is heating up with clear skies, and warm sunning days. What more could we want! The weather isn’t the only thing of beautiful this month! I want to tell you about the stunning Murano Crystal at Poppi Italian Leather. Finally, this crystal is available in many styles and designs. As much as, wine glasses, drinking glasses, bowls, vases, decanters, and decorative pieces for your home.

A beautiful, short boat ride from Venice will take you to Murano. First, the glass is blown by mouth, given its shape, and also color. For this reason, the glass is lead free and double-fired which makes it guaranteed dishwasher safe.  Most of all,  on every piece of glass there is a Mark of Authenticity embedded in the bottom. Assurance you are buying real Murano Crystal.

Hence, the story behind glass blowing on the Island of Murano has steeped in ancient history. Nowadays, Artisans use the same technique of glass blowing learned from generations that pass from family to family.  Youtube/MuranoGlassMaking



In 1976 the Meyer family moved to Door County to open their new business. Every year they traveled to Italy to seek out new and unique artisan items for their store. Also, they built lasting relationships with some of the finest Italian craftsmen. Together, they created these exclusive and uniquely designed Venetian Murano Crystal, hand painted in vibrant color infused designs. As a result, we are happy and excited to offer this beautiful crystal on our website PoppiMurano-Crystal and at our shop located in Rochester, MN.

Most of all the photographs will never capture the elegant vibrancy of the color, sparkle, or sound of the crystal.  For instance, any one of the beautiful, bright pieces of art would look lovely in your home. In addition, the vibrant, breathtaking colors and unique designs will add style to any decor!  The glass is wonderful for decorations and gift-giving.  Furthermore, treat yourself or your guest to a sumptuous glass of wine or a fresh beverage in the drinking glasses.

Did we catch your attention? We wish to share all of the information that we can provide about our exquisite Murano crystal. The more you learn, the more beauty you see in the crystal.  Feel free to browse the entire selection on the website.  Finally, visit our shop, Poppi Italian Leather located in Rochester, MN and find the perfect Murano Crystal for your home!

Murano Crystal Vase
Murano Crystal Vase
Murano Crystal Bowl
Murano Crystal Bowl

Best Italian Clothes

Ciao my Poppi lovers!  Today’s blog will be featuring some of our beautiful pieces of clothing we have in store and online.

The first top is a sleeveless rich minty green with a burst of raspberry in a floral pattern.  There is a small v cut out that rests beneath the hollow of your neck with strings to tie a bow across the cut out. It is a loose fitting top that billows out towards the hem. It is a sheer top with under top sewn attached to it. Looks wonderful with any color denim or leggings. Available in a small or medium.

The next piece is a ¾ quarter sleeve top with a small shoulder cut out on each arm, decorated with filigree pattern. Is a lightweight flowy top that comes in white or a light brown, perfect to wear on those sunny days. Looks wonderful with denim or leggings.  Available in medium or large.

The final piece can be worn as casual or perfect for a night out on the town. Comes in a light grey or an olive green. A long sleeve top that follows the high/low fashion. The back of the top is long enough when wearing leggings, will cover your derriere.   Looks great with dark denim or black leggings. Can be paired with multiple options of jewelry or shoes.  Available in medium or large.

There are many more fun tops, skirts, pants and dresses to choose from! Something for every occasion, stop in or check out our website now!


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