Buongiorno Italy readers!

Summer is here, finally! It time to discover Italy.  And there is so much to see and do in the summer time and especially if one is traveling in Italy.  The mere mention of it evokes “oohs” and “ahs.” Friends, family, even people you don’t know, begin commenting about “la dolce vita” the food, wine, beauty, culture and its never boring population.

La Dolce Vita

While soaking up all the beauty Italy has to offer, it’s easy to forget what is going on around you. Whether you’re using public transportation or walking on the street, keep your valuables close and leave your expensive jewelry at home. Carry a bag or backpack with zippers, not snaps    If carrying a backpack, carry it in front of you instead of on your back. Most of all make sure the outer pocket doesn’t contain money or your identification.

Traveling in Italy
GC Backpack 913125

While visiting Italy this summer consider taking a break from the crowds and known tourist attractions.  Why not immerse yourself in nature with a trek that allows you to enjoy sea views and quiet moments. Pack a picnic lunch and take plenty of water. Here is a panoramic walk not to miss in Italy.

LIGURIA: on the Italian Riviera, from Portovenere to Riomaggiore along the ‘Infinite’ Path. This 14-km trail connects Portovenere with Riomaggiore, the first of the Cinque Terre villages. Plan at least a half day.

Made in Italy Only!

For traditional Italian artisans, the tourism economy is a double-edged sword. More than ever before cheap souvenirs are flooding into Italy, imported from overseas and passed off as authentic. When shopping its wise to avoid outdoor vendors, if you can’t then ask where the goods come from. Try popping into one of the little Italian shop, where you can find authentic Italian made product.  If unsure of the country of origin don’t be too timid to ask!

At Poppi Italian Leather you can buy with confidence that our “Made in Italy” products are authentic.  My team and I travel yearly to Milano for the bag and shoe show and apparel shows, carefully vetting every brand sold at Poppi Italian Leather.  We have had the opportunity to tour a tanning facility, production plant and dine with the owners.  At Poppi we are passionate about all things Italian!

Veg-tan Leather in Italy
Visiting a tanning factory in Arzignano

Organic Veg-tan Leather

Poppi offers only the finest handbags, briefcases, messenger bags and wallets.  It is the perfect choice for someone who appreciates organic Veg-tan leather from the Tuscan countryside. The brands we sell are companies committed to the highest craftsmanship that are well-known on the European continent. Their vision is to offer elegance, sophistication and style along with endless appeal. so, you can buy at Poppi with confidence you are getting the real deal.

Today’s featured “Made in Italy” handbags are by Innue. The headquarters of this beautiful line is in Naples.  The brand, Innue is known for creating “edgy” sophisticated bags that speak to all ages. One of our personal summer favorites is style A1831. .  This bag is exceptionally beautiful with metallic leather sides, handles and bottom, the main body is woven linen. Two colors are available in saturated red and yellow.  Innue’s bags are produced using the highest quality veg-tanned leather. Find a complete line of Innue at

Bag from Italy
style A1831
Bag from Italy
Style A1831

Fashion from Italy

When the world thinks of Italy’s iconic fashion industry, the city that first comes to mind is Milan. Known for its well-turned-out residents, high-end boutique shopping, and spring and fall fashion shows that draw everyone from industry power brokers to the international glitterati across the city each year. Italy’s northern capital has become synonymous with sophisticated glamour and impeccable style over the past century.  Shop online at Poppi for the latest fashion from Italy.

what to wear while in Italy
What to wear in Italy, WC130

As always we stay committed to our customers by provided the finest “MADE IN ITALY”


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