Fourth of July Sale | Poppi Italian Leather

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, we are celebrating with a three day 30% off  sale on our website. With a deal like this, it is the perfect time to put together your Fourth of July outfit. Let us take look at one of the many outfit options available here at Poppi Italian Leather.

A Touch of Red and White

Cotton Jersey TeeStart with our Wide Leg High Waist Italian Designed Trousers in a vibrant red. You will find that these pants are fabulously comfortable and light. Additionally, you can dress them up, or dress them down. It is all up to you! Find them on our website here! We suggest a white or navy top to go with the Italian wide leg pants, such as our Cotton Jersey Short-Sleeve Tee! The Cotton Jersey Short-Sleeve Tee is 100% Cotton and has a flattering fit, including an A-line silhouette and round neckline.

Murano NecklaceAlong your neckline, add a little sparkle with our handmade FIORATO Murano Glass Necklace. The unique appeal of this necklace is the beautiful design, featuring two strands of tiny seed beads, accented with larger silver foil infused in colored glass in shades of topaz, red, green, turquoise, and purple. The focal point is the large medallion centerpiece of this stunning necklace with four strand of tiny beads that showcase larger lamp-worked beads. Tiny Swarovski crystals accent each Murano glass bead for an exquisite work of art. It is almost like your own wearable firework display!

Add a Splash of Blue!

Finally, this outfit would not be complete without a handmade Italian leather handbag like Ripani’s Italian Leather Bag with Animalier Print. This handbag is a collision of beauty and utility. You will fall in love with the soft leather exterior, along with the expansive interior with a zippered center compartment, two cell phone pockets and a side zip pocket. An adjustable leather shoulder strap provides the ability to sling the bag across your body, or you can use the two leather handles at the top of the handbag.

Ripani blue snakeskin handbag

Celebrate with the Fourth of July Sale

Fourth of July is almost here and you can be ready with a stylish, one-of-a-kind outfit from Poppi Italian Leather. Light up your Fourth of July and shop our website during our three day 30% off sale!

Understanding the Meaning of Color in Fashion Today: Part 1

Since civilizations were first established, cultures developed, and traditions cultivated, color has had meaning to human beings. Some meanings of color are simple, relating only to elements of nature, but other meanings are more complex. These complex meanings have a long history connected to geographies, stories, religions, industries, governments, and more. In today’s ever-changing world, color takes on a role in fashion from the runway to the everyday closet. POPPI Italian Leather understands the significance of color in fashion and the long history it has. Color plays its part in the making of our family-owned quality leather goods, something the designers and creators we work with across Italy understand as well.



A brief overview of what colors have meant in the past and what they mean today in fashion can show how color in fashion plays a role in the making of our luxury leather bags and other items.


White: For most cultures, white historically symbolizes purity, and to an extent, chastity. Brides wear white for this very reason. White has also represented wealth and status (white collar vs. blue collar, for example). In fashion today, white often symbolizes cleanliness and a simple elegance.


Black: Like white, black is another iconic color representing that simple elegance recognized in the fashion world. In fact, black is the color most quintessential of high fashion today.




red leather bag

Red: While often named the color of love, red is versatile in the fashion world. Not only does it represent that air of romance, it’s also a power symbol. Red is a strong color that has historically been used in many family crests, country flags, sports team colors, and more.




blue leather bag

Blue: A primary color, blue also has a long history across the globe, widely symbolic in many religions and societies. In Christianity, blue is frequently considered the color of the Virgin Mary and as a color of humility and virtue. Other religions, such as those in ancient Egypt and Greece, used blue in art to show divinity, the sky, and royalty. Indigo, lapis lazuli, and ultramarine blues are all semi-rare dyes and have become iconic in the fashion industry for their long, multi-faceted histories.



tan leather bag

Natural: Classic, timeless, and beautiful, the natural coloring of leather will always be a key part of fashion throughout the ages. Natural leather is representative of ancient craftsmanship and handmade quality. The colors of veg tan leather are a constant in the fashion world and continue to be a symbol of luxury, art, and prosperity.


To see the uses of color in fashion through classic Italian leatherwork, simply browse our online store or visit us in Rochester, MN, today. Find the colors that fit with POPPI Italian Leather’s high-quality luxury products!

The Traditional Art of All Natural Veg Tan Leather

brown veg tanned bag

The use of leather for many purposes goes back over 2,000 years, and though we have many ways of making leather today, vegetable tanning is the oldest and most traditional leather fabrication process . Veg tan leather is considered an art in today’s fast-paced production industry that speaks of centuries of craftsmanship and a dedication to upholding the unique quality it provides.


For us, veg tan leather is also an art that recalls the rolling hills of Tuscany, the salty spray of the Mediterranean coast, and the solemn monuments in the Roman forum. At POPPI Italian Leather, we’re committed to keeping the tradition of veg tan leather at the forefront of fashion with the elegant, handmade leather goods we carefully source from small, family-owned tanneries in Italy.

black veg tanned purse

The long-held tradition of fabulous Italian leather is alive and well, known for unparalleled quality and beauty across the globe. The best of that leather is made with the ancient art of vegetable tanning. POPPI bags and other leather goods are among the top tier of veg tan leather products, both in quality of craftsmanship and stylish sophistication.

There’s no denying the fact that veg tan leather creates an unmatched look in all our leather goods, but understanding why is something we like all our customers to know.

yellow and tan veg tanned bag

The Process

Veg tan leather is made using all-natural vegetable-based tanning liquids. By extracting the tannins from plant sources such as tree bark, leather makers can change the chemical structure of the outer layer of a hide. This change makes a raw hide into durable leather with a beautiful coloring that long ago coined the color name “tan.” Veg tan leather is a product that, with the right treatment, can last over 100 years without damage. The warm shades of veg tan leather can vary greatly, depending on the tanning mixture and the type of hide used, as well as any dyes used in the process. The artisans we work with in Italy combine old tanning recipes with cutting edge fashions to bring the best product to our shelves.


The Product

Our veg tan leather goods represent some of the best fashion designers and tanneries in the world. From the classic beauty of

shiny black veg tanned leather bag

Ripani handbags to the modern and youthful spunk of Innue designs, our customers can find everything they need to complete their look with a traditionally made, cutting-edge style. Whether you need that perfect clutch to add a little sensibility to a glamourous evening or a reliable business casual bag for daily use at work, our veg tan leather goods have a wide range of qualities and styles.

Not only is veg tan leather a long tradition of quality craftsmanship and a mark of Italy’s history as a premium artisan of leather goods, it’s also become a standard for modern high fashion. To find the perfect veg tan leather bag for you, shop online or visit our store in downtown Rochester, MN, today!