The Meaning and History of Murano Glass

For centuries, Venice has been celebrated as one of the world’s greatest producers of fine art, music, theater, architecture, and many other cultural landmarks in Europe. In addition to the hundreds of artworks, buildings, musical compositions, plays, and other physical objects that still remain from its storied past, Venice has also given the world many different artisan techniques of design still used today. From the art of fresco painting to the beauty of Murano glass that traditional crafters still use today, Venice has given the world of art and culture much throughout the ages. POPPI Italian Leather is committed to supporting these traditions in our own way by partnering with glass artisans located in the heart of the Murano islands. Our hand-picked selection of pieces showcase the beauty, tradition, and history of Murano glass.

Murano crystal vase

The history of Murano glass begins in Murano, a chain of islands in northern Italy within the Venetian Lagoon. The islands themselves have a long history as trading ports, and originally prospered through salt production. The first records of Murano-made glassware go back to the 13th Century. Not only does Murano have a reputation for its stunning art-glass, it’s also be recognized for the development of groundbreaking techniques in the glassmaking process. In fact, Murano is considered to be Europe’s first center for high quality glassmaking.


After quickly becoming a coveted art form, Murano glassware advanced in quality and design over the next centuries. In the 15th century (dating back as early as 1453), Murano glassmakers introduced cristallo (crystal) glass, which was unparalleled in transparency. Even now, crystal glass is considered the highest quality glass worldwide. Soon after, Murano glassmakers developed lattimo glassware, made from milk-white opaque glass that mimicked the warm translucency of fine porcelain. Several other styles of glassmaking were created throughout the Renaissance that are still well-known and sought after today, including millefiori, sommerso, calcedonio, filigrana, and more.


In the beginning of the 1500s, Murano glassmakers began to fabricate glass that was critical to high-quality mirrors. The excellence of these mirrors quickly established Murano as the best mirror makers in all of Europe. By 1569, the islands had a guild specifically for Murano mirror artisans.

Murano colorful glasses

Due to several factors, including wars, external trade controls, some competitors, and more, Murano glassware declined in popularity and prevalence during the late 1600s to the mid-1800s. In 1866, Venice was incorporated into Italy, and Murano glass saw an enormous revival. Today, Murano glassmaking is recognized as an age-old tradition of Italian art that has both historical and cultural significance.


The selection of unique Murano glassware POPPI offers shows the coming together of modern, stylish designs with centuries-old mastership of the art. From our hand blown crystal ware, like this authentic bowl, to classic designs like these millefiori beverage glasses, POPPI has a wide selection of singular Murano pieces.


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Find Your Own Sunshine and Sparkle | Poppi Italian Leather

Filling your home and life with light is one of the best parts about these summer months. Vibrant colors shine from practically every corner, including here at Poppi Italian Leather. Did you know that science has shown that colors can induce specific feelings when you see them? It’s true! Looking to add even more light, color and sparkle to your life? You need to stop in to our store or browse our website; we have just the items for you!

Light Up Your Wardrobe

Murano Necklace Item #DG3640Alluring and delicate, this Murano Glass necklace is guaranteed to appeal to all women who like to look elegant and seek a unique artistic touch in their accessories. You will not be able to miss the attractive combinations of Murano Glass beads, each with its own personality and style. Handmade by top-notch Murano master glassblowers in their family workshop on Murano Island, this necklace is the very expression of Venetian authenticity and coveted Italian style. You can pair this necklace with any color to add a touch of sparkle and shine. Stop in to our store to try it on for yourself!

Home: Where Sparkle and Color Live!

Sparkle and Light: Murano Crystal Cocktail glass Item #VA440
Why not also add some light to your living space? This collection of crack patterned Murano crystal marries creative design and high-quality artistry. You and your guests will marvel over the beautiful jewel-toned colors and how they capture the light around them. Our cocktail glasses pair exceptionally with the crack pattern decanter we carry as well.

Murano Crystal Decanter Item# BO189Made in Italy and unlike any other, these pieces are the perfect find in your search for color and light! Want more information on these fabulous pieces? Follow the attached links to see more on the crack patterned Murano cocktail glasses or the decanter!

Before we know it, summer will have slipped by and we will enter the next season. This is your chance to add your own light and enjoy the last of our summer months, so make a stop at our store or website and find your light (or sparkle)!

Creating Trendy Vacation Looks with Summer Totes, Handbags, and More

Summer is in full swing, and whether you’ve had a vacation planned for months or make a spontaneous decision to take a trip, now is the best time to create your summer vacation looks. Having the right wardrobe for any vacation is almost as important as where you stay, how you will get there, and what you’ll do when you’ve arrived. Without clothing suited to the destination’s climate, your activities, and your comfort, you can find your vacation as grueling as any workday. Packing apparel that meets your practical needs can also meet your unique style needs with additional flair. Before you head out the door to spend time relaxing and exploring on your summer trip, find the right handbags, travel bags, totes, and more that you need to complete your trendy vacation looks with POPPI Italian Leather’s selection of beautiful, handmade bags.


In many ways, bags are the most practical part of any vacation. Not only are they necessary for travel, but they also provide a comfortable way to carry what you need throughout your vacation day. Choosing the bags you need doesn’t have to just be about their practicality, especially not when you choose from our unique collection of summer styles.

black bag with white stripes

Relaxed: Summertime is all about relaxing. Capture the vibes of summer on your vacation with a relaxed tote like this one made from veg tanned quality leather. The softness of our leather and the utility of a tote combined with its trendy look make our totes perfect for any vacation.


Structured: One of the most popular bag styles this summer are structured, stylized handbags like this faux croc patterned retro hand tote made from organic Italian leather. This style offers a simplistic look with clean lines and enough space to store everything you need for a day trip or a night on the town.

yellow-green bag

Colorful: Nothing radiates summer like bright colors. A splash of color against your summer apparel makes you stand out and gives your unique vacation look an even more vibrant flair. Our most popular options for a colorful bag include our embossed Simone crossbody and our Saffiano leather handbag.


Woven: Another classic summer vacation look is created with woven leather reminiscent of beachy grass weaves. This woven Italian leather shoulder bag is a great option for a useful midsize crossover bag that pairs with any summer outfit.

red bag

Summer Whites: Of course, we can’t forget the classics. Summer whites are always a popular, timeless option. The clean-cut, breathable look of an all-white outfit speaks to traditions of aristocratic, classy summer outings. The pure white and gold of our quilted shoulder bag or the creamy off-white of a pebbled crossbody adds effortless style to any summer whites.


POPPI Italian Leather has all the styles and bag options you need to complete your vacation looks this summer. To explore more of our handmade Italian leather, shop online or visit our store in downtown Rochester, MN. For any questions, call us at (507) 282-3088 or email