Adventures in Italy: Mipel Bag Show

The Mipel Bag Show, adventures in Italy

While we endured cold winter months in Minnesota, Rebecca, the owner of Poppi Italian Leather, had adventures in Italy. One destination on her venture was the 115th edition of the Mipel bag show. Twice yearly she attends this very important show to bring you YOUR next beautiful Italian leather handbag.  These are the latest in Italian fashion, from the skilled artisans. Did you know that Mipel hosts over 300 top brands at their showcase in Milano, Italy?








On the way in to Mipel, Rebecca captured these photos at the entrance the show!

Sustainability, the Theme at Mipel

Once inside the show,  most noteworthy are the over 300 vendors, vibrant displays, food and people! Due to this, over 12,000 visitors attend Mipel from all over the world. MIPEL 115 chooses sustainability as its central theme, an issue that the event has decided to embrace as a long-term mission. The show proposes this to become a point for all companies in the supply chain to adopt.

Unique and Unparalleled Vendors

As for the leather goods, there are three stories that are the focus of the show. The Performer uses sporty styles with materials of the future, squared shapes and a modern look. Secondly, the Master combines clean lines, geometric style and unique craftsmanship in the most popular colors. Lastly, the Swifter combines attention to detail, patterns and retro decor in their items.

Each vendor conveys a unique style in their work, making for quite the walk through the show! The showcases are artistically designed and your attention is captured over and over as you travel through the show. These photos include some of the many showcases in Mipel and reflect the unparalleled craftsmanship that is displayed!

Mipel Bag & Shoe Show
Mipel Showroom
Mipel Showroom
Cromia Showroom at Mipel

The Mipel bag show is held twice a year for the fall-winter and spring-summer seasons.  Stop in to see our newest collection of handbags, from Italian craftsmen!

Side visit to Florence, Adventures in Italy Continue!

After three days at Mipel in Milan, Rebecca took the train to Florence. There she visited Simone and Bruno Di Pomo, a father and son who own a small factory in the Tuscany hillside. This father/son team produce veg-tan leather bags in the iconic Florence Tote style. You can find these online at or in the shop in Rochester, MN.

Florence Tote
Simone Tote

Next week we will look into the foods Rebecca enjoyed while traveling in Italy and learn about how to make some of your own. Until then…..

Ciao Caro!