Adventures in Italy: Designers and Displays

Adventures in Italy: Designers and Displays

In this final chapter of Adventures in Italy: Designers and Displays, we will explore some of the showrooms in the Mipel bag show. We will also meet some of the designers of our handbags here at Poppi Italian Leather that Rebecca reconnected with while in Italy. In addition, you will see previews of styles to come.

The Displays of Mipel Bag Show

Within the Mipel bag show is a large collection of designers and artisans and handbags!   Due to this, evidence of the immense talent can be seen at the show. Most noteworthy all the images displays were captured at the the Mipel Bag Show! Also, take notice also of the unique layout of each bag and each display.

Adventures in Italy: Mipel Bag Show Handbag Display
Snakeskin Handbag
Adventures in Italy: Snakeskin Leather Handbag



Butterfly display
Butterfly Handbag Display at Mipel

GIUDI Pelletterie

Giudi showroom
Adventures in Italy: Poppi Italian Leather owner, Rebecca, and Giudi in the Giudi showroom.

Two young cousins, Adriano and Mario, founded Giudi in 1974. The company is located in Morrovalle, in central Italy.   While in the formative years each bag was handmade by close family members workers. Most of all, in respect of the best Italian tradition. Years later, the company began taking part at the high end national and international trade fairs. Most noteworthy, today Giudi Products are certified by the “VERA PELLE ITALIANA.”

Designers and Displays: Ripani

For 49 years, Ripani has made handbags from the most exclusive and fashionable material. To see first-hand how they create their handbags, follow the link here. Today, the company is located in Tortoreto, an ancient town on the Adriatic Coast.

Ripani Museum
Adventures in Italy: Ripani’s Historical Leather Goods Museum

In addition, in 1999, the RIPANI family created the Historical Leather Goods Museum. The purpose is to tell the story of Italian leather tradition and culture, starting in the 1800s.


Innue is an established design group located in Naples, Italy.  Their philosophy is pursuing a global market with an expression that is the right mix of tradition and modernity.  Due to this, Innue is proud to say all the designs are conceived and made in local facilities.  The photos below were taken during the Mipel Bag Show 2019.

Innue Showroom
Adventures in Italy: Innue Showroom
Attendant and showroom
Adventures in Italy: Showroom sales in the Innue Showroom




Designers and Displays: Bruno Carlo

Bruno Carlo showroom
Adventures in Italy: Rebecca of Poppi Italian Leather with Gina (left) and Federica (right) of Bruno Carlo


Bruno Carlo S.R.L. located in the heart of Ventimiglia is a fine woolens company. The company has made outerwear since 1970 and it’s primary focus is style, and innovation combined with quality of material.

Adventures in Italy: Bruno Carlo hat coming SOON to Poppi Italian Leather!





Therefore, with the promise of innovation and style Bruno Carlo moves the minds and the creativity of the brand. This has made the Bruno Carlo a solid name in the industry. Hence, it’s immense popularity on the European market is especially noteworthy.

Gianni Conti

Gianni Conti
Adventures in Italy: Rebecca staff from Gianni Conti

Gianni Conti is a family owned-business. Elio and David Contigiani (two cousins) established the business in 1920. GC’s philosophy is to produce superior-quality leather bags with a classic and stylish beauty for the global market. In addition, it’s most relevence is the modern market.


Our Store

In conclusion, these Italian artists produce the quality handbags and accessories found in our store. Stop by to check out what we have in store, or take a look at our website

Adventures in Italy: Mipel Bag Show

The Mipel Bag Show, adventures in Italy

While we endured cold winter months in Minnesota, Rebecca, the owner of Poppi Italian Leather, had adventures in Italy. One destination on her venture was the 115th edition of the Mipel bag show. Twice yearly she attends this very important show to bring you YOUR next beautiful Italian leather handbag.  These are the latest in Italian fashion, from the skilled artisans. Did you know that Mipel hosts over 300 top brands at their showcase in Milano, Italy?








On the way in to Mipel, Rebecca captured these photos at the entrance the show!

Sustainability, the Theme at Mipel

Once inside the show,  most noteworthy are the over 300 vendors, vibrant displays, food and people! Due to this, over 12,000 visitors attend Mipel from all over the world. MIPEL 115 chooses sustainability as its central theme, an issue that the event has decided to embrace as a long-term mission. The show proposes this to become a point for all companies in the supply chain to adopt.

Unique and Unparalleled Vendors

As for the leather goods, there are three stories that are the focus of the show. The Performer uses sporty styles with materials of the future, squared shapes and a modern look. Secondly, the Master combines clean lines, geometric style and unique craftsmanship in the most popular colors. Lastly, the Swifter combines attention to detail, patterns and retro decor in their items.

Each vendor conveys a unique style in their work, making for quite the walk through the show! The showcases are artistically designed and your attention is captured over and over as you travel through the show. These photos include some of the many showcases in Mipel and reflect the unparalleled craftsmanship that is displayed!

Mipel Bag & Shoe Show
Mipel Showroom
Mipel Showroom
Cromia Showroom at Mipel

The Mipel bag show is held twice a year for the fall-winter and spring-summer seasons.  Stop in to see our newest collection of handbags, from Italian craftsmen!

Side visit to Florence, Adventures in Italy Continue!

After three days at Mipel in Milan, Rebecca took the train to Florence. There she visited Simone and Bruno Di Pomo, a father and son who own a small factory in the Tuscany hillside. This father/son team produce veg-tan leather bags in the iconic Florence Tote style. You can find these online at or in the shop in Rochester, MN.

Florence Tote
Simone Tote

Next week we will look into the foods Rebecca enjoyed while traveling in Italy and learn about how to make some of your own. Until then…..

Ciao Caro!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Valentine’s Day Will Soon be Here

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and Poppi has lots of Gift Ideas!  Are you searching for a truly special gift for someone you love? We have a large array of options here at Poppi Italian Leather. This includes Italian Leather handbags of all styles, handmade jewelry and crystal, stylish clothing and accessories!

Murano Glass for your Sweetheart

For the sweetheart with a deep love for artistic work, our Murano glass will make a perfect gift. Each piece of jewelry, crystal vase, and barware is handmade and painted by craftsmen on the island of Murano. They come in many stunning colors, designs and styles. For example, our blue, Lisboa Murano Crystal Vase radiates with a fusion of blue hues that blend within the circles on the surface. Two gold strands of glass seed beads flatter larger shiny beads and Swarovski Crystals and make the Astrid necklace a true piece of art as well. Our store and website offers many other crystal pieces, such as wine, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes and beverage glasses.

Murano Crystal Vase
Lisboa BLue Crustal Vase VA285
Murano Glass Necklace
Astrid Murano Necklace







Treat your Gentleman to a Italian Briefcase

Our array of gifts for a person that values style is expansive. Treat your gentleman to a polished laptop briefcase made with top-grain Italian leather or a duffle style carry-on luggage bag. Any casual outfit can be smartly paired with our distressed, oil-rubbed messenger bag. Also, wallets are a great gift option and we carry high grade, long-lasting pieces from Giudi, Gianni Coni and Rialto.

Gianni Conti Laptop Briefcase
Laptop Briefcase style 4081384








We have many Options for Women

Similarly, we have options to fit any woman and her style. Gianni Conti’s hand polished bucket bag or Ripani’s Italian Calfskin leather with Side Zips can be matched with a scarf to wear or tie to the handbag. The bucket style handbag is ideal for either a casual and formal event. The very unique feature about this bag is the strap can be adjusted to three length; arm, shoulder and crossbody. Ripani’s soft calfskin Italian leather handbag is available in red. It also has plenty of space for all her things. Wallets and clutches of many styles are available here at Poppi Italian Leather as well. We also carry a large selection of women’s clothing, including slacks, dresses, professional attire and much more!

Italian Leather Bucket Bag
Hand Polished Bucket Bag
Italian Leather Handbag
Ripani Leather Handbag








Give a one-of-a-kind Gift this Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day, your special someone deserves a gift that is one-of-a-kind and thoughtful. Come check out all the timeless pieces we have here at Poppi Italian Leather!  Now through February 14th we are offering an 20% off all clothing and leather Items. Code: Valentine.

Ciao and buon San Valentino Day!

INNUE Style is about the bag! Made in Italy

Innue Style is about the bag! Made in Italy, Innue is a designer of high-end bags located in Naples. Our collection of Innue bags are made exclusively for POPPI. Look at this gorgeous new arrival by Innue!  First of all, notice the leather of this handbag.  It’s incredibly supple, with a soft pebbled appearance.  Suede tassels, attached by silver buckles, frame the sides of the bag.  Also, there’s a circular silver clasp on the bottom of the flap. A top zip closure is under the front flap. The interior is spacious with two convenient cell phone pockets, a side zip pocket and reinforced bottom!  Its available in dusty salmon and deep blue. One can easily carry the handbag with the leather strap contrasted in suede.  Also, it can be carried on the shoulder or cross-body by the detachable and adjustable strap. Check out this video to see more about Innue!

Innue Bag
Innue Bag in Salmon

Relax and Enjoy a Cocktail with Murano Glass, Italian Style.

Imagine relaxing among loved ones, sipping your favorite cocktail in authentic Murano Crystal. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Murano glass is certainly the embodiment of this experience! Rich, vibrant jewel-toned colors, which consequently draw in your attention. Each color fills a square or rectangular pattern and, as a result, creates a beautiful, warm geometric collage. Smooth, clear Murano crystal flows from the end of the geometric pattern to the trim, sharp edge of the glass. Furthermore, our Murano crystal Glass is all hand-made and hand-painted in Italy.  Production of this glass is concentrated on the Venetian Island of Murano.  

Murano Style Beverage Glass
Murano Beverage Glass


Are you a Prosecco Lover?

Here’s big news for Prosecco lovers: this popular bubbly has become the best- selling sparkly in the world by volume. For years, Champagne, made in France,  has topped the list! What makes Prosecco such a success?  First of all, Prosecco is fashionable because it delivers fresh, fruity, slightly sweet sparkling wines that are enjoyable to drink.  Due to this it is highly sought after because it delivers a consistent flavor and quality.  Poppi can help you enjoy this delectable bubbly by offering several styles of Murano Crystal Champagne Flutes.

To read about the ten best Proseccos from 2018, click here.


Murano Champagne Glass
Linea Trix


Murano Champagne Glass
Linea Fusion
Flute gift
Linea Fluente

Plan a Trip to Italy This Winter

Plan a trip to Italy this winter! It seems like a great idea to visit Italy in the winter. You can enjoy the historic sights and landmarks of Italy without being surrounded by extra hordes of tourists and sight-seekers.  And also you can  enjoy legendary destinations like the Colosseum and the Leaning tower of Pisa at a more leisurely place.  As a result, you are not spending a long time waiting in queues! When the sun goes down, landmarks, buildings and museums do close– therefore, make sure you give yourself enough time to sample the culture and history of Italy during the day time hours.

Check in next week to find the perfect Valentine Gift for that special person! Plus the best chocolates available on the market.

Ci vediamo!


Get the Vintage Look with Woven Italian Leather Handbags

The Woven Italian Leather Handbag, a Compliment to any Outfit

The Gianni Conti woven Italian leather handbag is the perfect complement to any outfit. Whether it be for casual or business reasons. This handbag, made in Italy, has a beautiful, soft woven leather exterior. For that reason, it gives each bag a unique appearance. The handbag contains two exterior pockets for both utility and style. On the front of the bag is a small zippered pocket accenting the vegetable-tanned woven leather. The bag has two zippered compartments, separated by a center pocket which closes with a magnetic clasp. An adjustable over-the-shoulder strap completes this handbag. The Gianni Conti,  woven Italian Leather handbag, comes in three incredible colors: red, brown and black!

Vintage Woven Handbag
Get the Vintage Look with the woven Italian Leather Handbag


A dazzling combination of topaz, red, green, turquoise, and purple Murano glass beads are the highlight of the Fiorato necklace. Each bead is hand blown and  accented with tiny Swarovski crystals. A string of seed beads lines the necklace. At the center, is a breathtaking gold-foiled red bead that draws the piece together. There are four strings of seed beads lead to more stunning Murano glass beads. This bead work is called “lamping”, the art of infusing silver or gold foil in molten colored glass. This technique gives the bead a dimensional quality. Each necklace is handmade and as a result, is unique from the other. Whether alone or paired with matching Murano glass earrings, this necklace is elegant, classy and truly a piece of art!

Murano Necklace
Dazzling Murano Necklace


Big News in the Italian Wine World

There is big new in the wine world in Italy. The soave wine country of the Veneto region in Northern Italy was awarded a special recognition by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in December. Italy is currently the largest wine producer in the world and Italian wines are well known around the world.  A finer point of Italian style is the art of drinking wine.  After all, in a country where wine flows like aqua, wine drinking is a true art.  Italy has its set of rules for drinking wine. Start with the basic rules, pair red wine with meat and white wine with fish. The classic Chianti will go great with any Pasta dish. The Italians are not snobby about labels, so therefore,  in Italy the house wine is better than in other countries.

It seems there is nothing more delightful than enjoying a glass of wine with friends or family.  Murano Style Crystal is handmade and hand painted and comes from the island of Murano.  Each glass is a celebration of art, design, and craftsmanship.   At POPPI, we are please  to make available a stunning collection of wine glasses.  This stunning art glass, will certainly, liven up your living space!

Murano Crystal Wine Glass
Va120 Murano Wine Glass

22 New Bans at Pompeii

Traveling to the South of Italy?  The archeological site of Pompeii recently added  22 new bans to discourage bad or improper behavior. Certainly check these out if you are planning a trip to that region.  CLick here to learn more about the new regulations.

Ciao Miei Amici!

Celebrate Christmas by Giving Gifts from Poppi Italian Leather

Celebrate Christmas with Gifts from Poppi Italian Leather

Celebrate Christmas by giving gifts from Poppi Italian Leather. This is Poppi wishing you a glorious first week of December. We have just gotten our first major “snowfall” inspiring endless mugs of cioccolata calda (hot chocolate).  It seems like a good time to walk in the fresh fallen snow to enjoy the holiday lights.

Since we are nearing the holidays and Christmas will soon be here, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from Especially relevant, all our items are “made in Italy”.  Dedicated to artisans who for centuries have honed their talents in the art of craftsmanship.

Celebrate Christmas with Murano Glass Jewelry

I love the Murano Jewelry.  Most noteworthy, our pieces are individually made with hand blown beads.  The jewelry will stun you with its exquisite beauty and depth of jewel -toned colors. These are truly statement pieces.  Check out our multi-colored Murano Glass Necklace made with 15 lamp-worked beads, 100% nickel-free. There are so many pieces of artisanal jewel, such as the stunning lamp-worked earrings with tiny Swarovski crystals nestled between the glass beads.

Murano Glass Necklace
Stunning Murano Glass Necklace


Murano Crystal Whiskey Glass
Murano Crystal Whiskey Glass

For those who have friends or family who love to entertain consider our collection of Murano Glass. Such as the wine, champagne or beverage glasses. Murano is internationally celebrated for producing the finest quality handmade and hand painted glassware for over 500 years. Our portfolio is expansive. It includes Murano Crystal vases, bowls, candle holders and other items.  Hence, each piece is a celebration of art and design and would surely make a great gift!

Celebrate Christmas Give a Gift from to Friends and Relatives!

Have anyone who is hard to shop for? You are not alone!  We suggest apparel for these folks……..who doesn’t like receiving new clothes. Poppi offers a classic portfolio of beautiful and sophisticated Italian clothing for all types.  Whether it’s a new holiday dress, pants, knits or ponchos from Bruno Carlo. These Italian garments urge the wearer to live large “viva la vita”!

Italian Poncho
Poncho with hood
Bruno Carlo Cape
Cape by Bruno Carlo

Traveling Home for the Holidays?

If you’re traveling home for the holidays, carry the ultimate in Italian leather. Poppi is proud to make available a selection of the finest Italian leather bags.

We have an extensive line of messenger bags, cross body bags and backpacks. And all are designed for make your travels easier. In a world geared toward the “mass-produced” Poppi is proud to make available a selection of genuine hand crafted leather goods.

Laptop Briefcase
Messenger Style Laptop Briefcase
In conclusion, here are a few of our favorite things…..

Murano Glass Necklace & Earrings

Murano Glassware

Bruno Carlo Poncho

Organic Tanned Messenger Bag

Or browse through Poppi’s Website yourself…….

As always, we stay committed to quality and provided the best customer service.

Ci Vediamo,





Poppi Italian Leather Celebrates the Holiday Season with Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

The Holiday Season is upon us

The holiday season is upon us and Poppi Italian Leather celebrates the season with gift ideas for your loved ones. For Italians, Christmas festivities focuses on the family; locals head to their hometowns and spend time at home catching up and eating with friends and family. Meanwhile, light displays and Christmas markets pop up throughout the country. Here in the USA it’s not much different. Christmas is the time we all want to connect with family.  And Gift giving is a big part of the holidays. It’s a way we show appreciation for those we love.

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Family
The Avorio Family

Simplify your holiday list to four gifts: a need, a want, an adventure & an educational gift. Forget quantity. Instead find just a few things they will love and use.

Celebrate the Season by giving your Loved one a Poncho or Cape by Bruno Carlo

This season wrap your loved one in a poncho or cape from the Bruno Carlo Family. Deeply rooted in the Italian craftsmanship, with its values and its high quality, Bruno Carlo quickly established itself on the contemporary market  Capes and shawls provide all the warmth a jacket can afford, only so much more chic. A big perk with wearing a cape or a shawl is you can still wear your over-sized, chunky, sweaters and not have to change. Because, unlike a jacket, a cape fits very nicely over any knit without making you balloon out from the bulk.  Capes and shawls are loose and don’t have buttons or zippers to close up.

Bruno Carlo Cape
Cape by Bruno Carlo

Make the holidays happy with the gift of a beautiful, Italian leather bag.

Fine materials and exquisite workmanship combine to create a bag that will bring years of pleasure to its owner. Luxurious leather is easy to care for, and meticulous attention to detail confirms Italy’s leading role in fashion trends throughout the world.

Choose a Classic.  Italy’s long record of fashion leadership is based, first and foremost, on respect for the classic principles of design. Gianni Conti Established in 1920, is a family owned business led by Elio and David Contigiani. Their philosophy is to produce superior-quality leather bags with a classic and stylish beauty for the global market.

Gianni Conti Handbag
Handbag by Gianni Conti

Make a Statement.  Like a strong woman, the Ripani handbag is emphatically outspoken, without losing an ounce of charm. For 49 years, Ripani has designed, produced, and signed bags from the most exclusive and fashionable material. Founded in 1967, the family run business has led with the passion of leather craftsmanship, prestige of its brand, and originality of its creations.

Classic Bag by Ripani
Ripani Handbag

Take a Chance. A gift, after all, is exactly that—not a necessity. Use gift-giving as a way to expand your recipient’s horizons, with a cross-body bag, a weekend backpack or a fun clutch. 

“Made in Italy” Label,  What it Means to you!

 It’s worth noting that many “Made-in-Italy” items you see in shops in Italy and abroad are made mostly made in other countries with cheaper materials, with just a few slight modifications done in Italy (like adding a tag or code) to allow them to stamp the item with the coveted Made-in-Italy brand. Brands like Gianni Conti and Ripani invest in full transparency and allow people like myself to witness the production firsthand.

Leather Tannery
Visiting a veg-tan Leather Tannery

We assure you that our items wear the “Made in Italy” label proudly and sincerely.

Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.


Poppi Italian Leather has returned from Milan.

Poppi Italian Leather has returned from the fall buying trip in Milan. This trip is essential for bringing in Spring/Summer 2019 merchandise.  September is one of my favorite months to travel in Italy.  Tourism is down and the weather is cooler. Its a beautiful month with all its changing colors and vibrant flavors.

Let’s catch up on Poppi’s buying trip. The first 3 days were spent at Mipel in Rho Fiero (a suburb of Milan). It is an exhilarating show for serious handbag aficionados, such as myself!  Like shoes, one can never have too many beautiful Italian leather bags. And Spring Collection will not disappoint our customers. The bags will be vibrant with style and color. But I can’t give away too many secrets for spring fashion.

Fall Buying Trip to Milan
Mipel Handbag Show

My next stop was to Florence to visit Simone and his father. This father/son duo owns a small factory in the Tuscany Region and supplies musch of Florence with bags.  Poppi has been selling Simone Bags since 2008. If you are looking for the iconic Florence tote you can find them at  Shop online now for the Florence Tote. News Flash……more are arriving in November.

Fall Buying Trip to Milan
Leather Tote from Florence


Poppi Italian Leather Introduces The Stylish Palazzo Pants from the fall buying trip

After side trips to visit Perugia, Deruta and Bologna, Poppi Italian Leather returned to Milan for the stylish apparel show.  Consider yourself worldly?  You will appreciate finding all the latest fashion straight from the streets of Milan. Shop now at our online store  A featured fashion trend highlighted is the palazzo pant. Woman are wearing them everywhere in Italy. The palazzo pants made it first appearance in the 1930’s by Coco Chanel who had spotted the elegant men’s trousers on a trip to Venice.  She realized she could re-invent them for women. Palazzo pants are versatile and stylish.

Palazzo Pants
Newest Style from Milan
View from Room In Perugia
Rooftop Terrace in Perugia

Murano Glassware and Jewelry

For the eclectic side of your personality treat yourself to a stunning Murano necklace. Our Murano jewelry is handcrafted by Venetian artisans. The beads in the featured necklace are made with a technique that infuses 24K gold in the glass. Owning a Murano necklace is a privilege enjoyed by women who value originality, impeccable craftmanship, history and famed Italian Style. Buy it now at Poppi Italian Leather.

The Must-have Handbag from Gianni Conti at Poppi Italian Leather

Our “must-have” handbag found online shop is from Gianni Conti. One of our favorite designers. The bag is available in three colorways, classic brown, black and  chocolate. It’s the perfect size with a top zip closure and adjustable shoulder strap. Inside there’s plenty of organization with a center zip divider, side zip pocket and two open pockets for cellphones. And, the best features is the strap. It  expands three different lengths, handheld, shoulder length or cross body.

Wishing you all a wonderful fall season from Poppi Italian Leather


Poppi Italian Leather Shops Fall Shows in Milano.

Poppi Italian Leather Travels to Milano to Shop Fall Shows

Buon Giorno means good morning in Italian.  And In just one week Poppi Italian Leather will be shopping the fall shows Milano.  We feel very fortunate for the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Italy and bring back beautiful leathers, clothes and accessories for our customers.

Shopping the bag and shoe show

Showroom models
Shopping the Bag Show in Milano

My schedule is very busy in Italy this year. First of all, Poppi will be shopping the fall shows in Milano, specifically the bag and shoe show.  We then travel by train to Florence to visit Bruno and Simone Di Pomo, father/son duo in the leather business. From there, on to Deruta to tour the Majolica Factory (a new line Poppi will be showcasing this fall). After a short side trip to Bologna we return to Milano for the Apparel show.

Arno River as seen from Ponte Vecchio


I have set aside one day to do a little sightseeing in Bologna with a 2.5 mile walking tour of the city. Bologna is the lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy. The Piazza Maggiore is a sprawling plaza lined with arched colonnades, cafes and Renaissance structures. Most of all, I look forward to finding a new “ristorante”, to savor the Italian food, sip lovely red wines and sample “real” gelato every night. Bellissima!

Bologna, Italy
Piazza in Bologna


“Made in Italy” Top grain Leather Tote

Consider yourself worldly? Then you will likely appreciate the lovely “Made in Italy” top grain leather tote. it’s available in two colorways, dark chocolate trimmed in cognac or cognac trimmed in dark chocolate. The hand buffed organic veg-tanned leather is sumptuous. As a result when the leather ages it takes on the patina of your life. The bag sports one handle with a long detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. There is a pocket on the outside of the bag for quick storage. The inside is multi-functional with divider, side zip pockets and open pockets for storage of cell phones or other small electronics.  See details online.

Italian Leather Tote
Italian Leather Tote, 994150

Shop the Murano Glassware

The perfect gift for anyone who loves wine is the crystal glassware from the Island of Murano. The pieces are handmade and hand painted in vibrant color infused tones and double fired, guaranteed dishwasher safe! Poppi offers many unique patterns and styles including wine glasses, champagne flutes & beverage glasses. For an eclectic look pair different patterns for a stunning setting of glass ware.


Murano Glassware
Murano Wine Glass
Kick off September with the new cardi!

Let’s kick off this September with a new cardigan from the Italian fashion line of Monica Yong. The cardi has become a key outerwear piece this fall, warm and stylish, its perfect for cooler fall days. Dress it up or wear it in a slightly disheveled way. Forget the jacket or denim, the cardigan is the preferred layering piece of choice. The easiest way to wear the cardigan is over straight-leg jeans and a t-shirt. Or tuck it into high-waist trousers for a slimmer silhouette.

Cardigan in Mustard
Stylish Cardigan from Italy


Saluti my friends, stay well!



Buongiorno Italy readers!

Summer is here, finally! It time to discover Italy.  And there is so much to see and do in the summer time and especially if one is traveling in Italy.  The mere mention of it evokes “oohs” and “ahs.” Friends, family, even people you don’t know, begin commenting about “la dolce vita” the food, wine, beauty, culture and its never boring population.

La Dolce Vita

While soaking up all the beauty Italy has to offer, it’s easy to forget what is going on around you. Whether you’re using public transportation or walking on the street, keep your valuables close and leave your expensive jewelry at home. Carry a bag or backpack with zippers, not snaps    If carrying a backpack, carry it in front of you instead of on your back. Most of all make sure the outer pocket doesn’t contain money or your identification.

Traveling in Italy
GC Backpack 913125

While visiting Italy this summer consider taking a break from the crowds and known tourist attractions.  Why not immerse yourself in nature with a trek that allows you to enjoy sea views and quiet moments. Pack a picnic lunch and take plenty of water. Here is a panoramic walk not to miss in Italy.

LIGURIA: on the Italian Riviera, from Portovenere to Riomaggiore along the ‘Infinite’ Path. This 14-km trail connects Portovenere with Riomaggiore, the first of the Cinque Terre villages. Plan at least a half day.

Made in Italy Only!

For traditional Italian artisans, the tourism economy is a double-edged sword. More than ever before cheap souvenirs are flooding into Italy, imported from overseas and passed off as authentic. When shopping its wise to avoid outdoor vendors, if you can’t then ask where the goods come from. Try popping into one of the little Italian shop, where you can find authentic Italian made product.  If unsure of the country of origin don’t be too timid to ask!

At Poppi Italian Leather you can buy with confidence that our “Made in Italy” products are authentic.  My team and I travel yearly to Milano for the bag and shoe show and apparel shows, carefully vetting every brand sold at Poppi Italian Leather.  We have had the opportunity to tour a tanning facility, production plant and dine with the owners.  At Poppi we are passionate about all things Italian!

Veg-tan Leather in Italy
Visiting a tanning factory in Arzignano

Organic Veg-tan Leather

Poppi offers only the finest handbags, briefcases, messenger bags and wallets.  It is the perfect choice for someone who appreciates organic Veg-tan leather from the Tuscan countryside. The brands we sell are companies committed to the highest craftsmanship that are well-known on the European continent. Their vision is to offer elegance, sophistication and style along with endless appeal. so, you can buy at Poppi with confidence you are getting the real deal.

Today’s featured “Made in Italy” handbags are by Innue. The headquarters of this beautiful line is in Naples.  The brand, Innue is known for creating “edgy” sophisticated bags that speak to all ages. One of our personal summer favorites is style A1831. .  This bag is exceptionally beautiful with metallic leather sides, handles and bottom, the main body is woven linen. Two colors are available in saturated red and yellow.  Innue’s bags are produced using the highest quality veg-tanned leather. Find a complete line of Innue at

Bag from Italy
style A1831
Bag from Italy
Style A1831

Fashion from Italy

When the world thinks of Italy’s iconic fashion industry, the city that first comes to mind is Milan. Known for its well-turned-out residents, high-end boutique shopping, and spring and fall fashion shows that draw everyone from industry power brokers to the international glitterati across the city each year. Italy’s northern capital has become synonymous with sophisticated glamour and impeccable style over the past century.  Shop online at Poppi for the latest fashion from Italy.

what to wear while in Italy
What to wear in Italy, WC130

As always we stay committed to our customers by provided the finest “MADE IN ITALY”