Understanding the Meaning of Color in Fashion Today: Part 1

Since civilizations were first established, cultures developed, and traditions cultivated, color has had meaning to human beings. Some meanings of color are simple, relating only to elements of nature, but other meanings are more complex. These complex meanings have a long history connected to geographies, stories, religions, industries, governments, and more. In today’s ever-changing world, color takes on a role in fashion from the runway to the everyday closet. POPPI Italian Leather understands the significance of color in fashion and the long history it has. Color plays its part in the making of our family-owned quality leather goods, something the designers and creators we work with across Italy understand as well.



A brief overview of what colors have meant in the past and what they mean today in fashion can show how color in fashion plays a role in the making of our luxury leather bags and other items.


White: For most cultures, white historically symbolizes purity, and to an extent, chastity. Brides wear white for this very reason. White has also represented wealth and status (white collar vs. blue collar, for example). In fashion today, white often symbolizes cleanliness and a simple elegance.


Black: Like white, black is another iconic color representing that simple elegance recognized in the fashion world. In fact, black is the color most quintessential of high fashion today.




red leather bag

Red: While often named the color of love, red is versatile in the fashion world. Not only does it represent that air of romance, it’s also a power symbol. Red is a strong color that has historically been used in many family crests, country flags, sports team colors, and more.




blue leather bag

Blue: A primary color, blue also has a long history across the globe, widely symbolic in many religions and societies. In Christianity, blue is frequently considered the color of the Virgin Mary and as a color of humility and virtue. Other religions, such as those in ancient Egypt and Greece, used blue in art to show divinity, the sky, and royalty. Indigo, lapis lazuli, and ultramarine blues are all semi-rare dyes and have become iconic in the fashion industry for their long, multi-faceted histories.



tan leather bag

Natural: Classic, timeless, and beautiful, the natural coloring of leather will always be a key part of fashion throughout the ages. Natural leather is representative of ancient craftsmanship and handmade quality. The colors of veg tan leather are a constant in the fashion world and continue to be a symbol of luxury, art, and prosperity.


To see the uses of color in fashion through classic Italian leatherwork, simply browse our online store or visit us in Rochester, MN, today. Find the colors that fit with POPPI Italian Leather’s high-quality luxury products!