7 Essential Bag Styles You Should Own

Everyone has their favorite everyday bag, but sometimes you need a bag with a little more pop for a special occasion or a different style for a particular day. Having a range of bags to choose from that are both practical and fit your personal style is fashion-forward thinking, but you don’t have to fill your closet to get the right collection.

POPPI Italian Leather has a selection of high-quality, unique bag styles handmade in Italy with traditional veg tan leather that can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe as trendy, useful accessories.

When it comes to outfitting your wardrobe with different bag styles, there are seven essential styles you should own for daily life, travel, work, adventure, and more.


  • Mid-Size Crossbody: Crossbodies are a fashion standard practical for daily use and available in a wide range of designs. A quality crossbody like this pebbled Italian leather shoulder bag offers easy access to your items and a comfortable carrying fit.
  • Backpack Purse: Backpack purses had a heyday in the 1990s and are now making a comeback in full swing. The trendiness of backpack purses paired with their ability to store many items neatly in a compact space makes them an ideal choice for any adventures or daily use. This stylish Italian leather backpack pairs practicality with sleek fashion.

  • Professional: Professional bag styles don’t have to be all work and no play. Storing and carrying the items you use at work can be stylish and sensible when you choose something that fits your personal brand. Bags like this Saffiano leather business bag add flair and elegance to your work life.
  • Casual Satchel: Sometimes you need a bag style with a little more heft for your day. Casual satchels like this supple leather bag with unique hand-cut details give you more space to fill without compromising your fashion sense.

  • Trendy Tote: Totes can also give you some more room to work with while offering a wide range of structured bag styles. Trendy totes like this soft leather bag with contrasting stitching give you options for any adventure you might take on.
  • Splash of Color: While traditional finishes on our Italian leather bags are elegant and timeless, sometimes it’s fun to have a more colorful option. Mixing things up with bright styles like this Saffiano shoulder bag can make you stand out in a crowd in a unique way.

  • Your Icon: Having a selection of bag styles at hand is great, but there will always be one bag that completes your look. Your own iconic bag fits your style, and it’s often something you’ll know right when you see it. Some of our more distinct and popular bags include this Guidi leather bag, this suede and leather bag, and this oil-rubbed distressed leather bag.


Find your own essential bag styles today and shop online or visit our store in Rochester, MN. Contact POPPI Italian Leather at (507) 282-3088 today with any questions or concerns.