INNUE Style is about the bag! Made in Italy

Innue Style is about the bag! Made in Italy, Innue is a designer of high-end bags located in Naples. Our collection of Innue bags are made exclusively for POPPI. Look at this gorgeous new arrival by Innue!  First of all, notice the leather of this handbag.  It’s incredibly supple, with a soft pebbled appearance.  Suede tassels, attached by silver buckles, frame the sides of the bag.  Also, there’s a circular silver clasp on the bottom of the flap. A top zip closure is under the front flap. The interior is spacious with two convenient cell phone pockets, a side zip pocket and reinforced bottom!  Its available in dusty salmon and deep blue. One can easily carry the handbag with the leather strap contrasted in suede.  Also, it can be carried on the shoulder or cross-body by the detachable and adjustable strap. Check out this video to see more about Innue!

Innue Bag
Innue Bag in Salmon

Relax and Enjoy a Cocktail with Murano Glass, Italian Style.

Imagine relaxing among loved ones, sipping your favorite cocktail in authentic Murano Crystal. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Murano glass is certainly the embodiment of this experience! Rich, vibrant jewel-toned colors, which consequently draw in your attention. Each color fills a square or rectangular pattern and, as a result, creates a beautiful, warm geometric collage. Smooth, clear Murano crystal flows from the end of the geometric pattern to the trim, sharp edge of the glass. Furthermore, our Murano crystal Glass is all hand-made and hand-painted in Italy.  Production of this glass is concentrated on the Venetian Island of Murano.  

Murano Style Beverage Glass
Murano Beverage Glass


Are you a Prosecco Lover?

Here’s big news for Prosecco lovers: this popular bubbly has become the best- selling sparkly in the world by volume. For years, Champagne, made in France,  has topped the list! What makes Prosecco such a success?  First of all, Prosecco is fashionable because it delivers fresh, fruity, slightly sweet sparkling wines that are enjoyable to drink.  Due to this it is highly sought after because it delivers a consistent flavor and quality.  Poppi can help you enjoy this delectable bubbly by offering several styles of Murano Crystal Champagne Flutes.

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Murano Champagne Glass
Linea Trix


Murano Champagne Glass
Linea Fusion
Flute gift
Linea Fluente

Plan a Trip to Italy This Winter

Plan a trip to Italy this winter! It seems like a great idea to visit Italy in the winter. You can enjoy the historic sights and landmarks of Italy without being surrounded by extra hordes of tourists and sight-seekers.  And also you can  enjoy legendary destinations like the Colosseum and the Leaning tower of Pisa at a more leisurely place.  As a result, you are not spending a long time waiting in queues! When the sun goes down, landmarks, buildings and museums do close– therefore, make sure you give yourself enough time to sample the culture and history of Italy during the day time hours.

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Ci vediamo!