Find Your Own Sunshine and Sparkle | Poppi Italian Leather

Filling your home and life with light is one of the best parts about these summer months. Vibrant colors shine from practically every corner, including here at Poppi Italian Leather. Did you know that science has shown that colors can induce specific feelings when you see them? It’s true! Looking to add even more light, color and sparkle to your life? You need to stop in to our store or browse our website; we have just the items for you!

Light Up Your Wardrobe

Murano Necklace Item #DG3640Alluring and delicate, this Murano Glass necklace is guaranteed to appeal to all women who like to look elegant and seek a unique artistic touch in their accessories. You will not be able to miss the attractive combinations of Murano Glass beads, each with its own personality and style. Handmade by top-notch Murano master glassblowers in their family workshop on Murano Island, this necklace is the very expression of Venetian authenticity and coveted Italian style. You can pair this necklace with any color to add a touch of sparkle and shine. Stop in to our store to try it on for yourself!

Home: Where Sparkle and Color Live!

Sparkle and Light: Murano Crystal Cocktail glass Item #VA440
Why not also add some light to your living space? This collection of crack patterned Murano crystal marries creative design and high-quality artistry. You and your guests will marvel over the beautiful jewel-toned colors and how they capture the light around them. Our cocktail glasses pair exceptionally with the crack pattern decanter we carry as well.

Murano Crystal Decanter Item# BO189Made in Italy and unlike any other, these pieces are the perfect find in your search for color and light! Want more information on these fabulous pieces? Follow the attached links to see more on the crack patterned Murano cocktail glasses or the decanter!

Before we know it, summer will have slipped by and we will enter the next season. This is your chance to add your own light and enjoy the last of our summer months, so make a stop at our store or website and find your light (or sparkle)!