Adventures in Italy: Designers and Displays

Adventures in Italy: Designers and Displays

In this final chapter of Adventures in Italy: Designers and Displays, we will explore some of the showrooms in the Mipel bag show. We will also meet some of the designers of our handbags here at Poppi Italian Leather that Rebecca reconnected with while in Italy. In addition, you will see previews of styles to come.

The Displays of Mipel Bag Show

Within the Mipel bag show is a large collection of designers and artisans and handbags!   Due to this, evidence of the immense talent can be seen at the show. Most noteworthy all the images displays were captured at the the Mipel Bag Show! Also, take notice also of the unique layout of each bag and each display.

Adventures in Italy: Mipel Bag Show Handbag Display
Snakeskin Handbag
Adventures in Italy: Snakeskin Leather Handbag



Butterfly display
Butterfly Handbag Display at Mipel

GIUDI Pelletterie

Giudi showroom
Adventures in Italy: Poppi Italian Leather owner, Rebecca, and Giudi in the Giudi showroom.

Two young cousins, Adriano and Mario, founded Giudi in 1974. The company is located in Morrovalle, in central Italy.   While in the formative years each bag was handmade by close family members workers. Most of all, in respect of the best Italian tradition. Years later, the company began taking part at the high end national and international trade fairs. Most noteworthy, today Giudi Products are certified by the “VERA PELLE ITALIANA.”

Designers and Displays: Ripani

For 49 years, Ripani has made handbags from the most exclusive and fashionable material. To see first-hand how they create their handbags, follow the link here. Today, the company is located in Tortoreto, an ancient town on the Adriatic Coast.

Ripani Museum
Adventures in Italy: Ripani’s Historical Leather Goods Museum

In addition, in 1999, the RIPANI family created the Historical Leather Goods Museum. The purpose is to tell the story of Italian leather tradition and culture, starting in the 1800s.


Innue is an established design group located in Naples, Italy.  Their philosophy is pursuing a global market with an expression that is the right mix of tradition and modernity.  Due to this, Innue is proud to say all the designs are conceived and made in local facilities.  The photos below were taken during the Mipel Bag Show 2019.

Innue Showroom
Adventures in Italy: Innue Showroom
Attendant and showroom
Adventures in Italy: Showroom sales in the Innue Showroom




Designers and Displays: Bruno Carlo

Bruno Carlo showroom
Adventures in Italy: Rebecca of Poppi Italian Leather with Gina (left) and Federica (right) of Bruno Carlo


Bruno Carlo S.R.L. located in the heart of Ventimiglia is a fine woolens company. The company has made outerwear since 1970 and it’s primary focus is style, and innovation combined with quality of material.

Adventures in Italy: Bruno Carlo hat coming SOON to Poppi Italian Leather!





Therefore, with the promise of innovation and style Bruno Carlo moves the minds and the creativity of the brand. This has made the Bruno Carlo a solid name in the industry. Hence, it’s immense popularity on the European market is especially noteworthy.

Gianni Conti

Gianni Conti
Adventures in Italy: Rebecca staff from Gianni Conti

Gianni Conti is a family owned-business. Elio and David Contigiani (two cousins) established the business in 1920. GC’s philosophy is to produce superior-quality leather bags with a classic and stylish beauty for the global market. In addition, it’s most relevence is the modern market.


Our Store

In conclusion, these Italian artists produce the quality handbags and accessories found in our store. Stop by to check out what we have in store, or take a look at our website

Trade Show In Milan Starts Soon! Time to Pack.


Ciao, my Poppi followers! As many of you know our merchandise is “Made exclusively in Italy”.  It is therefore important that you know how our product gets to Poppi Italian Leather.  In a few short days the owner will be leaving for the trade shows in Milan, Italy.  There she will attend Mipel, the leading international leather goods trade show held at Rho Fiero, Milano.  And White Milano, the apparel trade show held at the Superstudio  Piu, in zone Tortona in Milan.

Mipel handbag show
Mipel Handbag Show


While in Milan she will spend three days at each trade show.  Her primary focus is to visit the showrooms of the brands represented at POPPI Italian Leather.  The showrooms are set up for the purpose of showcasing proposed styles for the following season.  But the collections will not arrive until early spring. In addition, she will also be visiting other showrooms with a eye out for new brands.

It is in Milan, at the shows where one first gets a glimpse of the new fashions trending. The trade shows are very exciting to attend. There are light shows,  music combo’s, style shows, best new designer contests and displays of shoe and handbag construction.  Each showroom is beautifully decorated, with models showcasing the styles.   Italian treats are offered such as, espresso, Prosecco, Italian chocolate, biscotti and tiny sandwiches. Its a very busy time and long days are spent with the decision process.

Mipel trade show
Gianni Conti Showroom

In beween the trade shows, Rebecca will travel to Florence for the day. There she visits a father/son business that produces Poppi’s most popular bag. The cross body messenger bag. It has been on the web boutique and our boutique in Rochester since 2008. The bag is produced each season in new colors but the standard colors in brown, black & red can always be bought. After a long day of sales negotiations she will stop to eat at her favorite restaurant, la Giostra.  This is where you will find La Bistecca, the famous Florence Steak!

Messenger style tote
Florence Crossbody Tote


It’s very rewarding bringing high quality and unique fashion to Poppi Italian Leather.  Because this gives the customer an opportunity to create their style. Each season brings new Fashion trends in style, color, and design. The key is to find what works for you and wear it.  Its important to stress that all the pieces are made-to-order for Poppi.  Nothing is mass-produced.

Fashionable Italian Clothing
Italian Handbags and Apparel as seen on the streets of Milan.

With fall now upon us, it is with great anticipation to see the new styles arriving in. Nothing can beat the doldrums of winter blues than something new in your closet. And Our customers can find the very latest apparel and leather bags at our boutique in Rochester, MN.  Or visit the online store at. and order now.

You can find styles of all occasion ranging from the chic professional, Saturday luncheons with friends or the sultry dress for date night out.  And, don’t forget the final accessory.  The Handbag! Its often overlooked but people do notice what you are carrying. Its amazing how a beautiful Italian Leather bag finishes the outfit.


It’s always exciting when she returns back from the trade show. We get sneak peeks of the new items ordered and see pictures of the glittering showrooms. She shares her favorite restaurants in Milan. And she will take us on a tour of the fabulous shops in the Galleria Vittorio, the world famous mall on the Piazza Duomo  It will be great fun to share all of this with you.

In conclusion, I will end with a quote from the fabulous Coco Chanel, “Dress Shabbily and they remember the dress: dress impeccably and they remember the woman”.                                                                                                                                     Visit our online shop now at and dress like an Italian!

Until next time, ciao bella!