The Traditional Art of All Natural Veg Tan Leather

brown veg tanned bag

The use of leather for many purposes goes back over 2,000 years, and though we have many ways of making leather today, vegetable tanning is the oldest and most traditional leather fabrication process . Veg tan leather is considered an art in today’s fast-paced production industry that speaks of centuries of craftsmanship and a dedication to upholding the unique quality it provides.


For us, veg tan leather is also an art that recalls the rolling hills of Tuscany, the salty spray of the Mediterranean coast, and the solemn monuments in the Roman forum. At POPPI Italian Leather, we’re committed to keeping the tradition of veg tan leather at the forefront of fashion with the elegant, handmade leather goods we carefully source from small, family-owned tanneries in Italy.

black veg tanned purse

The long-held tradition of fabulous Italian leather is alive and well, known for unparalleled quality and beauty across the globe. The best of that leather is made with the ancient art of vegetable tanning. POPPI bags and other leather goods are among the top tier of veg tan leather products, both in quality of craftsmanship and stylish sophistication.

There’s no denying the fact that veg tan leather creates an unmatched look in all our leather goods, but understanding why is something we like all our customers to know.

yellow and tan veg tanned bag

The Process

Veg tan leather is made using all-natural vegetable-based tanning liquids. By extracting the tannins from plant sources such as tree bark, leather makers can change the chemical structure of the outer layer of a hide. This change makes a raw hide into durable leather with a beautiful coloring that long ago coined the color name “tan.” Veg tan leather is a product that, with the right treatment, can last over 100 years without damage. The warm shades of veg tan leather can vary greatly, depending on the tanning mixture and the type of hide used, as well as any dyes used in the process. The artisans we work with in Italy combine old tanning recipes with cutting edge fashions to bring the best product to our shelves.


The Product

Our veg tan leather goods represent some of the best fashion designers and tanneries in the world. From the classic beauty of

shiny black veg tanned leather bag

Ripani handbags to the modern and youthful spunk of Innue designs, our customers can find everything they need to complete their look with a traditionally made, cutting-edge style. Whether you need that perfect clutch to add a little sensibility to a glamourous evening or a reliable business casual bag for daily use at work, our veg tan leather goods have a wide range of qualities and styles.

Not only is veg tan leather a long tradition of quality craftsmanship and a mark of Italy’s history as a premium artisan of leather goods, it’s also become a standard for modern high fashion. To find the perfect veg tan leather bag for you, shop online or visit our store in downtown Rochester, MN, today!