What “Made in Italy” Means for Authentic Italian Clothing

Italian fashion has been a pillar in the fashion world for centuries. Dating as far back as the 11th century, the styles of thriving Italian cities like Rome, Milan, and Florence have spread throughout the world to be worn by some of the most famous, powerful people in the world. Fashionable members of royalty and the royal court, rich traders, and many other people of note coveted the elegance and unique beauty of Italian fashions.


Today, Italy is still one of the fashion giants of the world, with Milan and Rome standing alongside other fashion-famous cities including Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. At Poppi Italian Leather, we strive to bring truly authentic Italian clothing and bags to our store, making the unique fashions of Italy available to our customers.


Italy may be known for its fashions, but what does it mean for authentic Italian clothing to have a “Made in Italy” label? The “Made in Italy” brand is one that represents a rich history, quality handmade goods, and the support of traditional artisans and designers in Italy.


Though the history of Italian fashions is a long one, the legal system of the “Made in Italy” brand is a much more recent development. To protect the work of Italian artisans using traditional methods, the “Made in Italy” brand was established in 1980 to recognize the products grown, manufactured, designed, packed, and otherwise created in Italy. This brand recognizes four major areas of industry know in Italy as the Four A’s: Abbigliamento (clothes), Agroalimentare (food), Arredamento (furniture) and Automobili (automobiles). In 1999, the “Made in Italy” brand began to be protected by Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (Institute for the Protection of the Italian Manufacturers) and improved with regulation by Gucci.


When it comes to the Abbigliamento fashion aspect, the “Made in Italy” brand is our area of expertise. The authentic Italian clothing we source from our partnerships with traditional designers and new and emerging brands showcases a diverse selection of apparel. Whether you’re looking for casual chic, modern elegance, trendy flair, or any other high fashion look, Poppi has something for you.

blue retro italian cardigan

For a vintage retro flair, this short cardigan cut in a glamorous 1960s style is a perfect choice. If you’re searching for an addition to a professional wardrobe, these herringbone check skimmer pants or ankle-length turned cuff pants are a great option. For those with a floral charm, this dress with a ruffled bodice is a beautiful piece, but if you’re looking for a sporty, clean cut during the colder months, this short jacket with a lazer-cut profile is a unique choice.

red italian sport blazer

No matter your personal style, Poppi Italian Leather has authentic “Made in Italy” fashion options for you to choose from. To shop for more authentic Italian clothing, explore our online store or visit our store in Rochester, MN today. Contact us at (507) 282-3088 or at poppibags@gmail.com for questions and concerns.