Get the Vintage Look with Woven Italian Leather Handbags

The Woven Italian Leather Handbag, a Compliment to any Outfit

The Gianni Conti woven Italian leather handbag is the perfect complement to any outfit. Whether it be for casual or business reasons. This handbag, made in Italy, has a beautiful, soft woven leather exterior. For that reason, it gives each bag a unique appearance. The handbag contains two exterior pockets for both utility and style. On the front of the bag is a small zippered pocket accenting the vegetable-tanned woven leather. The bag has two zippered compartments, separated by a center pocket which closes with a magnetic clasp. An adjustable over-the-shoulder strap completes this handbag. The Gianni Conti,  woven Italian Leather handbag, comes in three incredible colors: red, brown and black!

Vintage Woven Handbag
Get the Vintage Look with the woven Italian Leather Handbag


A dazzling combination of topaz, red, green, turquoise, and purple Murano glass beads are the highlight of the Fiorato necklace. Each bead is hand blown and  accented with tiny Swarovski crystals. A string of seed beads lines the necklace. At the center, is a breathtaking gold-foiled red bead that draws the piece together. There are four strings of seed beads lead to more stunning Murano glass beads. This bead work is called “lamping”, the art of infusing silver or gold foil in molten colored glass. This technique gives the bead a dimensional quality. Each necklace is handmade and as a result, is unique from the other. Whether alone or paired with matching Murano glass earrings, this necklace is elegant, classy and truly a piece of art!

Murano Necklace
Dazzling Murano Necklace


Big News in the Italian Wine World

There is big new in the wine world in Italy. The soave wine country of the Veneto region in Northern Italy was awarded a special recognition by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in December. Italy is currently the largest wine producer in the world and Italian wines are well known around the world.  A finer point of Italian style is the art of drinking wine.  After all, in a country where wine flows like aqua, wine drinking is a true art.  Italy has its set of rules for drinking wine. Start with the basic rules, pair red wine with meat and white wine with fish. The classic Chianti will go great with any Pasta dish. The Italians are not snobby about labels, so therefore,  in Italy the house wine is better than in other countries.

It seems there is nothing more delightful than enjoying a glass of wine with friends or family.  Murano Style Crystal is handmade and hand painted and comes from the island of Murano.  Each glass is a celebration of art, design, and craftsmanship.   At POPPI, we are please  to make available a stunning collection of wine glasses.  This stunning art glass, will certainly, liven up your living space!

Murano Crystal Wine Glass
Va120 Murano Wine Glass

22 New Bans at Pompeii

Traveling to the South of Italy?  The archeological site of Pompeii recently added  22 new bans to discourage bad or improper behavior. Certainly check these out if you are planning a trip to that region.  CLick here to learn more about the new regulations.

Ciao Miei Amici!